משלוח חינם ברכישה מעל 199 ש"ח

Reelie is uncomplicated, effective, nasty free babes care.

Fun – we’ve got you! Our collections made from different stories, magic moments and day-to-day coziness that makes you smile. We believe that daily bathing and skincare rituals should be fun.

Uncomplicated products – every ingredient we chose is there for specific pure effective reason. Without unnecessary ingredients. 

“Less is more” – our philosophy is that your body is better off with products that only contain the quality ingredients it needs – nothing less, nothing more.

“No nasties” – our babes need no nasty to be sexy. You read that right! Our products are clean.
Paraben free, Sulfates free, Paraben free, SLS/SLES free, Paraffin free, Lanolin free, Phthalate free.
Tasted on human only – We have serious love for animals, so no bunnies included. Cruelty free always!
Plant based – Have we said that we are crazy about animals? All our products in purely vegan!

REELIE, we really know you, we know you work hard. 
Our mission is to let the little quit piece of the day a fine, awesome experience.

Vegan / plant based

No nasties

Less is more

We’ve got you - In one hand holding coffee mug and cosmo magazine and in the other hand cleaning gloves, that girl...

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